The Making of an ARB Winch Bumper

ARB Tundra bumperThe Making of an ARB Winch Bumper

From sheet metal to the trail; Australian manufacturer leaves no steel unturned

[youtube 3yqHL7Uo4_s&feature=share&list=UUR_iAOxcGpdQuAgsxvA96BQ nolink]

Ever wonder how much work and detail it takes to produce ARB winch compatible protection bumpers (aka bull bars)?

Follow along with us as we show you the entire manufacturing process of a Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series Deluxe Winch bumper.

From a flat sheet of steel to the installation, we give you a unique look at the effort and attention to detail required to build the world’s best 4×4 protection equipment.

Shot entirely on GoPro, this video provides the ultimate in behind the scenes action.

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