Bed Liner Repair Tips

Bedliner Repair Line-X SmithBed Liner Repair Tips

  • If the liner was applied by a commercial installer such as Line-X or Rhino Lining, it is best to take the vehicle in for repair/touchup.
  • For DIY repairs make sure the patch material is compatible with the bed liner. Always use the same brand patch up as the original material.
  • Wash the affected area to remove grease/dirt with a non-oily detergent such as car wash agent.
  • Then cut away any loose material and use a wire wheel to rough up the edges for maximum adhesion.
  • For hand application on a small area, dabbing  with a brush works best.
  • For cracks and small holes, let the patch material drizzle in the void.  If you are spraying to repair a larger area,  at least 6-inches all the way around.- Peter DuPre/ProPickup