Ligenfelter Chevy Runs 100.07 mph

Supercharged 2014 Chevy Times Quarter at 13.89

LPE 2014 Chevy SilveradoOn August 14, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering’s development vehicle, a 2014 Direct Injected 5.3L crew cab Chevrolet Silverado with a Magnuson TVS 1900 supercharger, made a test run at Muncie Dragway resulting in an elapsed time of 13.89 at 100.07 mph on pump 93 octane gasoline.

Following the June delivery of Lingenfelter’s 2014 Silverado, Lingenfelter engineers conducted baseline chassis dyno testing on the 5.3L equipped, gasoline-powered pickup with a 3.07 rear end. The truck weighed 5,360 lbs with a 1/2-tank of fuel and no driver. On the dyno, peak power of 302 horsepower and 332 lb-ft was measured. On E85 fuel, that increased to 321 horsepower and 355 lb-ft.

The 2014 Silverado has the same direct injected architecture as the LT1 engine in the new C7 Corvette. Prototype camshafts for both truck and Corvette are already on hand. Lingenfelter has started cylinder head port flow development work and CNC programs for both cylinder head types, which will be completed soon. Supercharger and turbocharged packages are also in development for both trucks and C7 Corvettes.

“Lingenfelter has worked for years with forced induction, direct injection engines as part of our in-house development and in the form of consultancy work for other OEM suppliers,” said Ken Lingenfelter, CEO, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering. “With the advent of the Gen 5 direct injected V8 engines, our team was looking forward to this challenge.”

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