Custom Tailgate Camera Install

Ram Tailgate Camera_BS24176

How To Install A Tailgate Cam; Custom Look, Great Performance

by Bruce W. Smith

Backup cameras are a real necessity on full-size pickups and SUVs. The blind spot on these vehicles extends rearward nearly the length of the vehicle.

Such a big blind area makes it easy to nail objects when backing up such as parking lot posts, mailboxes, planters, and other vehicles that are obscured.

Even the most minor of repairs to a bumper will cost about $300. Hit another vehicle and damages can skyrocket to well over $2,000.

The fix? Install a backup camera system. The economy models are less than a $100.

There are dozens on the market from standalone portable models to ones built into audio, navigation, and rearview mirror systems.

If you are pickup owner who doesn’t want to install a camera in the tailgate handle or on the bumper where it could get damaged, you might consider custom installing the camera in the tailgate itself.

Such an installation looks custom and the location keeps the fragile camera from getting damaged.

Tailgate mounting also gives a good view of what’s behind the truck and a good view at the receiver hitch, making trailer hook-up easier.

The gallery below shows how we installed the camera for an Escort SmartMirror2 on a 2013 Ram 2500HD.