Rigid LED Driving Lights Install

Updated Feb 7, 2014

Rigid SR Surveyor 1

Surveyor 1 Ram 2500HD Rigid LED Lights Install


by Bruce W. Smith

Adding auxiliary lights has become almost a standard upfit for anyone who uses their pickups for work and/or for outdoor recreation.

Driving lights are a huge help when navigating backroads or  any type of off-road/off-pavement terrain.

More light, whiter light,  projected farther than the stock headlights adds a greater margin of driving safety.

They also provide a nice respite for weary eyes on a long drive after a hard day at work.

Of course, driving lights should never be used when there’s on-coming traffic.

For our Mobil Delvac Surveyor 1 Ram 2500HD, we chose to go with Rigid Industries’ SR-30 and D2 driving lights.

Ridgid SR 30 inchRigid SR-30 LED light bar is compact, yet provides exceptional driving light output.

The former is a 1.5-inch tall, 30-inch long light bar that delivers 9,600 Lumens thru 30 1-inch LEDs that draw just 7.2 amps.

We installed the SR-30 on the top plate of the Fab Fours Black Steel Elite winch bumper.

This helps protect the light bar from brush while putting it just below the level of the headlights for optimum projection.

We already had a Buyers Products 6-bank rocker switch box installed in the cab, so there wasn’t any need to run more wires through the firewall.

Installation was a simple “plug-and-play” as the images in the gallery below show.

(Note: The jobsite images below are not manipulated. Shot at same exposure on Nikon D2X with 60mm Macro @f32. Click on images to view larger.)

Jobsite lighting with stock '13 Ram 2500HD headlights on high-beam.Jobsite lighting with stock ’13 Ram 2500HD headlights on high-beam.


Jobsite lit with Rigid SR-30 LED light bar on '13 Ram 2500HD.Jobsite lit with Rigid SR-30 LED light bar on ’13 Ram 2500HD.