Stepping Up: AMP BedStep Install

AMP BedStep_BS23729

AMP Research’s Booster Step

AMP Research BedStep gives a nice boost to Ram HD bed access via the tailgate; a back-saver for heavy-duty pickup owners


by Bruce W. Smith

Legs and back not as agile as they used to be?

Or are you just tired of constantly launching yourself up onto the tailgate to get at things in the bed of your heavy-duty pickup?

What about the worry of using the bumper and your foot slipping?

You need a bed step. More specifically, an  AMP Research BedStep.

Our Mobil Delvac Surveyor 1 sweepstake’s 2013 Ram 2500HD has a fair bit of step-in height stock. It’ll be a t least 6″ taller when we’re done with it.

So, we’re being proactive.

AMP Research figured this out several years ago when they introduced the BedStep, which mounts to the rear driver’s-side corner of the bed and flips up out of the way until you need it.

AMP rates the BedStep to support 300 pounds, so even the biggest member of your work crew doesn’t have to worry about making that step up into the bed.

The AMP parts of the highest quality and the installation is very simple bolt-on that takes less than 20 minutes.

Warren Spears at Spears Auto Repair  near our editorial offices here in Long Beach, MS, handled our Surveyor 1 upfit.

As you can see in the how-to gallery below, it’s a simple job that can be done in your own shop or garage.

Oh, the BedStep is the perfect companion  for the AMP PowerStep running boards on Surveyor 1 and the Fab Fours’ heavy-duty Elite-series rear bumper.–Pro 

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