HD Rear Bumper Install

Surveyor 1 Rear Bumper UpgradeFab Fours Balck Steel Elite Ram Rear

Nothing works and looks as sweet as a Fab Fours’ Elite-series rear bumper on a 2103 Ram 2500HD


The rear bumpers on today’s pickups are thin and almost more of a cosmetic accessory than a heavy-duty protective part of the truck.

Manufacturers are installing their own trailer hitches, which is another reason they feel the need for any real strength in the bumper is outweighed by saving weight for fuel economy.

But for those who work in and around  the construction world, a heavy-duty rear bumper can save the day.

That’s why we looked to Fab Fours when it came time to swap out the stock bumper on our Mobil Delvac Surveyor 1 with one stout enough to handle the occasional “oops!” around a jobsite or off-pavement.

Fab Four’s Black Steel Elite (DR10-U2050-1) style rear replacement bumper  nicely integrates Ram’s factory receiver hitch and rear back-up sensors.

This bumper, which weighs about twice that of the OEM bumper, bolts right up to the OE frame mounts for an easy swap.

Here’s how it’s done:

Surveyor 1 logo final