SuperSprings GM 1500 Install

SuperSprings smith


A pickup rear suspension’s little helpers; Project Bedrock GMC Sierra 1500 upgrade


by Bruce W. Smith

Sometimes it’s the little things that we encounter using our pickups everyday that lead us to making upgrades.

When my  2011 GMC Sierra 1500 4Ă—4 CC (Project Bedrock) was tasked with hauling a pallet of tile for an office renovation, I realized that it could use a little help stabilizing the rear suspension when such a load is in the bed.

I also wanted the truck to sit at the rake it has now with the 2-inch leveling kit in the front while carrying a bed topper and slide-out drawer system.

But I wasn’t interested in going the traditional overload springs or rear air suspension route.

Nor was I trying to increase the truck’s GVWR.

What I wanted was a simple product that  was: 1) easy to install; 2) retained the Sierra’s ride quality; and 3) didn’t require any adjusting or maintenance after it was installed.

SuperSprings “vehicle stabilizer” overload springs seemed to meet my goals: The price: less than $400. Install time: Less than 45 minutes. No adjustments needed. Bolt-and-go.

ReadyLift SST 9000 shocks are a premium upgrade that will last for many years.ReadyLift SST 9000 shocks are a premium upgrade that will last for many years.

The roller-design of the SuperSprings helps retain factory ride when the truck is unladed.

And when the lot in the bed (or on the hitch) increases, the single-leaf overload gently flattens to provide the factory spring pack with more muscle.

(SuperSprings “standard” leaf can carry 2,200 pounds.)

A great companion upgrade is replacing the factory gas shocks with ReadyLift’s new SST 9000 shocks.

Remember, many OEM shocks are worn out by 20,000 miles, so replacement is a good idea when the springs are installed.

The SST shocks are expensive. But they will last the life of the truck while keeping the ride quality and suspension control the same for years and years.

Again, the goal is to make upgrades one time and use products that last a lifetime. – Pro