Cognito GM Dually Lift

Big Red by Mobil Delvac


Cognito 4″-6″ suspension lift kit keeps the factory ride and handling while clearing 35s; a sweet ground-clearance solution for those tough off-road jobsites


by Bruce W. Smith

Ninety-nine percent of contractors and construction workers never consider modifying the suspension of their Duallys.

They are primarily used for towing equipment trailers and rarely venture off the safety and security of pavement and compacted gravel.

But that one percent who use their Duallys as service trucks or in other capacities where maximum ground clearance and traction are essential to getting the job done on more remote and challenging terrain, lift kits pave the way to put taller tires underneath.

Taller tires means more ground clearance under the rear differential–the typical hang-up point on a long-wheelbase Dually.

Such is the case with our Mobil Delvac Big Red, a 2008 GMC Crew Cab project truck: We wanted to run Toyo 35×12.50R22LTs on American Force“Combat” forged wheels (no spacers needed on the duals!). So a six-inch lift was necessary.

Cognito Motorsports 4″-6″ GMC lift kit comes with everything you need to make your Dually roll with pride.

One of the best engineered IFS suspension kits on the market at this time to o just that is the 4- to 6-inch “non-torsion bar drop” front lift kit from Cognito Motorsports.

This kit comes with:

  • Differential dropped the same distance as the lower control arm for optimal CV axle angles;
  • Spindles designed with wider a-arm span for strength;
  • Heavy-duty upper ball joints;
  • Stronger upper control arms with geometry to keep proper ball-joint position;
  • Bilstein shocks designed for the 3500HD application;
  • Pitman and Idler arm Support Kit if Applicable (Utility Patent) for greater durability;
  • and all the components come in a black powder coat finish.

The kit also comes with a 30-plus page instruction sheet that details every step with pictures and clear writing so if you have never installed such a kit, you have a clear understanding of each step.

We have the story highlights in the August 2102 issue of ProPIckup.

But here’s the full gallery of images showing the steps involved. They are many–as would be expected of an 8-10 hour upgrade like this one.

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