Bumper Step-Up

Big Red AMP’d up with  BedSteps

GMC Dually project truck gets better rear access help with Amp Research bed steps

by Bruce W. Smith

With six inches of suspension lift and another two inches from 35Ă—12.50s, Big Red stands tall.

That’s great for ground clearance-not so great when you need to reach into the service body or climb into the bed. 

But we’ve taken care of the access challenges.

AMP Research, a sponsor of our project trucks for the past three years, provided a pair of BedStep2 side steps and one of the original BedSteps to fit under the driver’s side of the Fab Fours Black Steel rear bumper.

AMP’s steps are well made, nicely engineered, and hold 300 pounds.They will be a valued addition to whomever wins Big Red next April.

Daniel Parker handled the install at the Truck Supply & Outfitter’s shop in Tuscaloosa, AL. 

Custom “extension bracket” allows the BedStep to be positioned properly when used with a Fab Fours Black Steel rear bumper.

The installation is easy for the BedStep2s, taking less than a half-hour to do both sides.

But because the custom heavy-duty Fab Fours rear bumper is configured differently than the stock GM bumper, mounting the BedStep required making one extra piece.  

Parker had to make a flat  â€śextension bracket” plate to place the step mount about two inches farther toward the rear to clear the bumper so the BedStep could be pushed down with one’s foot.

He used 1/4-inch steel plate drilled to match the mounting holes of the AMP step bracket.

Parker then drilled and slotted a second set of matching holes two inches from the first set to allow for fine adjustments of the step position. These holes match where original AMP step’s scissor-assembly mounts to the frame rail if we’d been using the stock rear bumper. 

Then he put a bolt in each of the two AMP bracket mounting holes and welded them in place, making them studs.

AMP Research BedStep mounted under Fab Four’s Black Steel Bumper.

(Otherwise the bolt heads would keep the new extension plate from laying flush against the frame.)

Bracket in-hand, he then bolted it to the frame and the AMP BedStep assembly to the new mounting studs.

Perfect fit. And an easy “step-up” in our Big Red project truck build.