Big Red lifted

Lifted, Bagged and Bad

Big Red sitting on 6″ lift early in the project build.

July 12, 2012

Truck Supply & Outfitters’ Daniel Parker and David Adair busted their butts on Big Red yesterday for 8 hours. Got a lot done.

They installed the Cognito Motorsports adjustable 4-6” lift kit and added a set of Cognito upper control arms to increase wheel travel giving us the ability to run the kit at 6 inches.

TSO also installed Hellwig sway bars front and rear and the Hellwig rear air suspension.

Daniel used their new tire machine to mount the Toyo mud tires on the big 22-inch American Force Combat wheels. Long day for them.

But truck looks really wicked–so much so we had a small crowd of TSO customers standing around just waiting to see it touch the ground. The 10-lug “big-rig”-style wheels drew a lot of appreciative comments. – Bruce W. Smith/editor