Fuel economy: Old tricks, new reasons

Learning about fuel economy 

I just filled my pickup this morning and even though the $3.09/gallon here is well below the national average, it still feels like a punch in the gut. It’s hard for me to imagine what it must be like for a big contractor or owners of large construction company that has dozens or more pickups to fill every day.

That brings up the big question: Do you know how to reduce those fuel costs without affecting vehicle efficiency and productivity?  

Alternative fuels and hybrid technology are obvious choices to that end. But they are not the only answers.

If you are headed to our ProPickup Truck Expo in Dallas late August (23-25) we are putting together a special hour-long seminar, or as we call it, a SmartSession, on the topic of maximizing fuel economy. 

We have enlisted the expertise of  a trio of automotive and aftermarket accessories experts to explain what truck aftermarket upgrades improve mpg, the role alternative fuels play, and how to determine which products work well together to improve fuel economy. It’s the type of seminar that could benefit us all.

I hope to see you there.