Escort SmartSite Mirror Install Tip

Escort SmartSite Backup Mirror Install Made Easy

Mounting the backup camera under the pickup’s tailgate lip eases installation, provides best view

Escort’s SmartSite rearview mirror with built-in backup camera display is an excellent safety upgrade for any vehicle used around jobsites.

Mounting the mirror is easy. Finding a good location to mount the camera can be a bit more difficult on newer pikcups such as the 2011 GMC Sierra’s with the locking tailgate and integrated top protector.

One way to solve the mounting issue is to use two thick washers and inch-long sheet metal screws to secure the camera under the tailgate itself.

Mount the camera to the bottom edge, centered on the tailgate.

The washers are used to space the camera so the lense is just under the outer lip.

Escort provides angled plastic spacers with the kit so it’s easy to get the angle just right.

Mounting rearview camera to the bottom of the pickup's tailgate protects the camera and maximizes the view.

This location hides the camera while providing maximum view to the rear and maximum protection for the camera.–Bruce Smith/Editor