PIAA Fog Light Install

Wireless Install:

PIAA Fog Lights

Here at ProPickup we’re big believers in plenty of auxiliary light options around a job site.

So when it came time to fill our winch bumper’s light buckets on our 2010 Ram 2500HD, we turned to two well-known brands: Warn and PIAA.

We choose a set of Warn W350F wireless-remote fog lights to grace the inner buckets and a set of PIAA 510-Series Super White fog lights.

We wired the PIAAs, placed in the bumper’s outer buckets, into the Ram’s high-beam circuit.

Both lights are 55-watt systems and come in kits supplying all mounting hardware, instructions and wiring harnesses.

The only deviation from the instructions we took in our installation was simplifying the wiring by connecting the W350Fs directly to the factory Ram fog light plug.

We also utilized a Warn wireless-remote system to power the PIAAs.

Now the Big Boss Ram is light-ready, fair weather or foul.