Dual-steering stabilizers

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Upgrading to twin steering stabilizers improves 2010 Ram 2500/3500 4Ă—4 steering feel on-pavement and off; Superlift kit makes it easy


By Bruce W. Smith

Contractors probably spend more time driving off-pavement and put more miles on their pickups than 99-percent of the weekend “off-roading” crowd. Yet one four-wheel-drive upgrade those in the contracting world are just beginning to appreciate that off-roaders have been familiar with for decades is the importance of heavy-duty steering stabilizers.

A steering stabilizer is basically a shock absorber for the pickup’s steering system; it allows unrestricted gradual movement, but resists sudden shock. They are factory installed on most pickups.

Where an upgraded steering stabilizer setup works great is when you make the move from stock tires and wheels to larger, heavier setups and on pickups with a lot of hard miles on them.

The added steering control gained from the high-performance shocks included in aftermarket steering stabilizer kits dampen the effects of tire shimmy and slack in the suspension and steering systems that occur from normal wear. The result of such an upgrade is a much quieter steering wheel and easier control of the pickup, especially when driving around a job site or towing.

We wanted our 2010 H.D. Ram 2500 4Ă—4 to drive as smooth as possible on- and off-pavement, loaded or towing trailers. That meant an upgrade in the factory single-shock steering stabilizer was mandated.

We opted to go with an SS-Series dual-stabilizer kit from Superlift Suspension Systems, a Louisiana company that’ celebrating its 30th year supplying four-wheel-drive owners aftermarket suspension parts and accessories.

Superlift’s SS kit comes with two zinc-plated high-pressure Bilstein gas shocks and mounting brackets to replace the OEM single-hydraulic-shock setup found on the late-model heavy-duty 4×4 Rams. Installation takes less than an hour. – Pro

Contact: Superlift Suspensions; 888.299.4692

Special Thanks: Truck Supply & Outfitters; 205-553-4203