Vinyl Graphics Install


A company pickup is just a plain old pickup without vinyl graphics

One of the many uses a company pickup provides is a rolling corporate calling card. Like one’s business card, when people see your new pickup they should instantly get a sense of what your business is and the level of professionalism offered by your services.

So it should be no surprise one of our goals with project Big Boss is to maximize its function and utility value on all levels, including being our mobile ProPickup/Randall-Reilly business card. We want it to be tasteful, yet different enough to catch the eye of those who see it on the road or rolling up to a job site.

More importantly it has to provide enough information for a potential client to get in touch, yet keep the information minimized so it can be quickly absorbed by those who might only see it for a few seconds..

That’s where enlisting the services of a professional signage company comes into play. We have one here in Tuscaloosa by the name Tusca Blue, and they offered to trick out the Big Boss so it didn’t get lost in the crowd.(They provide services to clients around the country.)

Their graphic and printing specialties are wide-ranging, but one area of expertise is taking corporate logos and turning them into high-quality, die-cut vinyl graphics and applying them to vehicles.

The standard vinyl, according to Paul Fretwell, who applied our graphics on the Big Boss, is a tough “4-year” variety designed to withstand the worst Mother Nature can dish out without edge-lifting, or fading due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Paul also had some good tips to share with ProPickup when it comes to applying logos and lettering to vehicles. We’ve included those in the how-to photo gallery below that shows how he handled the Big Boss installation.(Left click on the images to see them full-size) — Bruce W. Smith