“Build your own air filter” website


Enter your filter dimensions to get your one-off filter build.

Corona, Ca_advanced FLOW engineering (aFe Power), an industry leader in performance cold air

intakes, filters, manifolds, tuners, turbochargers and exhaust systems is pleased to announce the release

of their new “Build Your Own Air Filter” website.

If you are fabricating your own intake system or need to replace your filter on your existing intake, check

out the new “Build Your Own Air Filter” engine at www.afepower.com. Simply log on and enter your filter

dimensions including flange diameter, base diameter, top diameter, length and type of media (Pro 5R,

Pro Guard 7 and Pro Dry S) and you will have your custom filter chosen and ready to order.

Please go to www.aFepower.com and click the “Build Your Own Air Filter” button on the home page or contact our

Power Professionals at 951-493-7155.