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Palco Industrie’s Dashtop overlay literally molds the way to make cracked and broken pickup dashes look like new

by Bruce W. Smith

When you hear someone say, “Beauty is only skin deep,” take it to heart and be grateful Palco Industries knows how to take the ugly out of pickup interiors.

Pickups, especially the older ones, don’t age well with time; faded, blotchy paint and cracked dashes are commonplace among decade-old trucks that have been left parked outdoors most of their days.

That’s because the ultraviolet rays from the sun do a number on pigments and plastics.

Dodge Ram pickups made in the late ’90s and into early 2000s seem to suffer the effects of aging more than other brands.

We see that every day becasue one of our staffers drives a 2002 Ram 1500 Crew Cab and it looks, well, old.

A Dashtop overlay and a few simple supplies can make an ugly dash look like new.

He keeps the truck clean and very well maintained. Still, despite his best efforts, the paint is bad and the dash cracked in at least a half-dozen places.

So to rid the owner of an eye sore he has to look at everyday on his drive to the office, we turned to Palco for the dash fix: a Dashtop.

The one-piece dash overlay is made from the same molds as the factory, but in one piece instead of two.

So the fit is good and the durability of the one-piece plastic overlay better than what came on the truck.

Installation is easy: An hour’s labor, a few clean rags, bottle of ammonia-based window cleaner or denatured alcohol, a couple scuff pads or light sandpaper, some strong tape and a tube of silicone adhesive are all that’s needed.

In return you get a dash that looks like new and an increase in resale/trade-in value down the road.


Palco Industries; 775-677-0766 or 800-FIX-DASH

The how-to images below show the ease of this fix.