Cobra CB Install


Cobra CB Radio install; 25 WXNW ST radio install in 2011 F-250 Super Duty

by Bruce W. Smith

Radio communications is a big part of safety and productivity on a road construction jobsite.

Supervisors need to stay in constant touch with equipment operators, equipment operators need to be able to reach out to service techs, and everyone on the crew needs the ability  to talk to everyone else in an emergency.

Business radios and cell phones work well for many companies. But the old CB radio still has its place.

You can’t beat a CB when you are running down the highway and want to stay informed from trucker traffic, or having an inexpensive form of business communications in general.

Let’s not forget the weekends and vacations where a CB is still the communication king when it comes to outdoor recreational pursuits such as four wheeling, camping or hunting.

Tunable 4' antenna mounted to our Super Crew's Spyder Industries headache rack.

That’s why we had Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s Mobile Electronics install  a Cobra 25WX NW ST in our 2011 F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab 4Ă—4, Project Super Crew.

Clay Rester mounted the Cobra CB radio in the passenger’s side map pocket of the center console where it would be in easy reach of the driver yet out of the way.

He used a TruckSpec antenna mounting kit for the Spyder headache rack, 4′ K40 tunable antenna and and RoadPro remote speaker to do it the right way.

The tunable no-ground-plane, top-loaded, four-foot antenna provides durability and performance. It’s easy to set up and install with an adjustable tip to dial-in SWR.

So now we can keep tabs of bears in the air or on the highway, the status of chicken coops, and stay in touch with our Amigos who are still into keying the mic.

Special Thanks

Cobra Electronics

Mobile Electronics; â€Ş(205) 554-1554