AMP BedStep install

AMP Research BedStep and BedStep2 give nice boost to pickup bed access

by Bruce W. Smith

Tired of trying to quickly reach inside a tool box or grab the hose of the re-fuel tank without having to stand on a tire or climb up into the bed?

A simple solution is having a convenient step on the side of the bed to give you a boost.

AMP Research figured this out several years ago when they introduced the BedStep, which mounts to the rear corner of the bed and flips up out of the way until you need it.

Now they offer the BedStep2, which operates the same way but mounts just in front of the rear wheel well directly under the front of the bed.

This gives you a handy step up to reach into the tool box or access anything else you are trying to grab at the front of the bed.

We installed both bed step on our 2011 F-250 Crew Cab 4×4, Project Super Crew.

The truck’s 4-inch lift and 35-inch tires are geart for off-pavement travel and ground clearance. But the additional height made it difficult to reach inside the truck’s tool boxes.

The two styles of AMP BedSteps, which like all Amp products are made right here in the U.S.A., took care of that issue.

AMP's BedStep2 is the perfect companion for the PowerStep - and a must have accessory for any work pickup.

AMP rates the BedStep/BedStep2 to 300 pounds, so even the biggest member of your work crew doesn’t have to worry about making that step up.

The AMP parts are top shelf and the installation of both steps is bolt-on, taking about a half-hour per step.

 Truck Supply & Outfitters‘ Daniel Parker handled our upfit.

But as you can see in the how-to gallery below, it’s a simple job that can be done in your own shop or garage.

BTW-The BedStep and BedStep2 are the perfect companion accessories to go along wiht teh AMP PowerStep running boards.–Pro