AMP PowerStep install

AMP PowerSteps: Now you see ’em, now you don’t


A ProPickup How-to/Product Review

AMP Research’s automatic, electric-powered running boards are one of those convenience innovations you really appreciate as a pickup owner.

By Bruce W. Smith

There are running boards and then there’s the PowerStep.

AMP Research’s automatically deploying/retracting running boards, which support 600 pounds, quickly motor down when you open your truck’s door and just as quickly tuck back into place under the rockers when the door is shut.

The PowerSteps are independent, too, so the driver’s side and passenger’s side steps operate only when the doors on that side are opened.

ProPickup's Project Super Crew has AMP PowerSteps to aid ingress/egress while maintaining maximum ground clearance.

What makes running boards like these ideal for anyone who works their pickup off-pavement, other than the obvious, is they don’t take away from break-over ground clearance.

That means there’s less chance of getting the truck high-centered going over sharp crests or berms.

They also stay cleaner because they are tucked tight against the lower rockers out of the way of mud and snow.

Durability and sharp styling are also appealing factors.

These lightweight, yet highly durable running boards, which are made in the USA, are crafted from aircraft quality aluminum.

Then all the parts are black anodized and Teflon coated for ultimate corrosion protection and lasting looks.

We put these on our Project Super Crew F-250 Crew Cab 4×4 because of those reasons.

 Everyone who’s used them or seen them in action smile with appreciation. (We also have AMP’s BedStep/BedSte2 installed.)

Truck Supply & Outfitters‘ techs have installed dozens of AMP’s PowerSteps, so Daniel Parker makes the installation look easy.

(We have included a photo gallery below to show the basic steps involved.)

But it typically takes the DIYer about three hours as there’s wiring to deal with in the install.

The good part is AMP’s instruction manual is very detailed and easy to follow. So anyone in the shop who has a moderate level of mechanical know-how can handle the PowerStep installation with ease.

Lest we forget, AMP Research covers the PowerStep with a 5-year/60,000 mile no-nonsense warranty. Now that’s good stuff. – Bruce W. Smith