Toolbox light switch

Toolbox light switch

If you are looking for a convenient way to light your truck’s toolbox, consider installing a pin switch and an LED light strip.

All you have to do is run a fused power wire from the battery (or other constant 12v source) to a pin switch mounted in the toolbox.

Install an LED light strip under the toolbox lip and wire it to the pin of the pin switch. Now you have a toolbox light that works even if the truck is locked or not running.

Note: Mount the pin switch in a location that won’t get damaged or the hot lead and pin can’t come in contact with tools. (Using a heavy-duty heat shrink tubing over the pin connector is a good way to insulate the pin.)

The ground is made thru the body of the pin switch, so if the toolbox doesn’t make a ground then you will have to run a ground wire from the body of the pin switch to the truck body.

When the lid is closed, the pin is depressed and power is off. When the lid is opened, power feeds to the LED light strip.