White-glove muscle


Stacking Edge programmers on a 7.3L Ford Super Duty Powerstroke

by Larry D. Walton  

Some owners of older Ford Super Duties are reluctant to trade up to newer technology because they love how the venerable 7.3L Powerstroke keeps rolling on mile after mile, year after year with nary a whimper no matter the load.

I know because that’s what I drive in my construction business.

However, as the newer diesels come out, my old workhorse is finding it tougher to keep pace pulling those long uphill grades and short on-ramps.

And when traffic slows momentum on long, steep grades it takes a while to get back up to speed.

What it needed was a power upgrade. There are lots of ways to gain power from a turbodiesel, such as increasing the size of the turbo, adding an intercooler, installing bigger injectors or boosting fuel-pump pressure.

The trouble is, such upgrades are typically expensive and complex for do-it-yourself installations.

A performance alternative is to tap into today’s “plug-and-play” aftermarket electronics. Programmers, modules, chips and similar devices are a fast and easy way to gain better overall performance from your diesel pickup, which includes eking out a few more mpgs if your right foot isn’t too heavy on the throttle.


We put this white-glove performance to the test on my 2001 4Ă—4 Ford F-250 Crew Cab to highlight the benefits of such technology.

We approached the electronic power upgrade in three stages: First, we installed and tested (dyno and on the road) the Evolution programmer from Ogden, Utah-based Edge Products. Next, we tested the company’s Juice module with the optional Attitude in-cab controller.

Finally, we “stacked” both the Evolution and Juice/Attitude to see if we could tap the Powerstroke for even more muscle….read the full story in our digital edition.