Corsa Catback Exhaust Install

Updated Apr 6, 2014

Corsa GM 5.3L Exhaust Installation

Project Bedrock: Corsa Commercial Exhaust upgrade helps our 2011 GMC Sierra sing a powerful new tune

by Bruce W. Smith

Our 2011 GMC Sierra 5.3L runs ok and sounds pretty good when you roll into the throttle. But it’s not impressive with the factory exhaust.

So we decided to add the sound of power with a cat-back exhaust system and in the process maybe coax another 10hp and a couple tenths in mpg from the engine.

The exhaust upgrade we picked is the new Corsa Commercial Exhaust system.

Less back-pressure means a few more horses on tap when you need them, and it also means  a little better fuel economy — all other driving aspects being the same.

Corsa build their exhausts out of premium-grade 304L stainless. So rust, even in the snow belt, will not be an issue over the working life of the pickup.

Corsa’s Commercial Performance Exhaust for pickups is also very quiet on the open road thanks to their patented “RSC” sound- cancellation technology.

CORSA’s  RSC™ Technology is so precise that no two vehicles are the same. Each system is acoustically engineered to eliminate the specific frequencies that create drone.

Using aerospace based technology, sound waves are targeted, reflected and eliminated without impeding air flow or sacrificing horsepower, yet still delivering the sound to fit your vehicle.

“Our CORSA Commercial customers have boasted greater fuel economy in their work trucks that, when applied to an entire fleet, can add up to noticeable savings for companies,” said Craig R. Kohrs, VP and General Manager, TMG Performance Products.


“As many business owners in the construction, landscape, HVAC and maintenance industries can attest, employees spend countless hours conducting business calls and working on laptops while in the truck, which is why having a quiet interior is one of the main benefits of a CORSA Commercial Exhaust system,” continued Kohrs.

“The demand for commercial exhaust systems that look and sound great is strong as companies continue to ensure their work trucks represent the level and quality of their businesses.”

We had Truck Supply & Outfitters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, install the cat-back system. It took less than a half-hour to get Project Bedrock from stock to rock.

After running the new exhaust system for more than three months we are quite pleased with the upgrade.

Our 2011 GMC Sierra, running the 5.3L, definitely sounds healthier. The exhaust is throaty, but not in any way overwhelming inside the cab; there’s no highway drone at Interstate speeds, either.

The truck seems to accelerate a little better in the upper rpm (5,000-6,000) and fuel economy seems to have crept up a couple tenths at 65mph cruise speeds.

But when you have a good sounding exhaust it’s difficult to keep your foot out of the throttle to make maximum use of the freer-flowing exhaust. I tend to be rolling deeper into the throttle from stoplights just so can enjoy the Corvette-like rumble.