LED Toolbox light install

Light Idea: Access flexible LED strips make excellent toolbox lights

Lighting tool boxes is always a challenge. The light isn’t bright enough, it’s too bright, it’s difficult to wire in, or the light and switch you use succumb to the environment or vibration.

We found a great solution: The Access Truck Bed LED light strip. They retail for $49, but with some web surfing you can find them for less than $40.

These foot-long, waterproof  LED lights, molded in a 1/4-inch wide rubber-like strip, are ideal for not only lighting the inside of pickup bed, but they are also ideal for lighting dark toolboxes.

We had Truck Supply & Outfitters install them in the UWS cross-bed and side tool boxes of our Project Super Crew F-250.

All the installation requires is peeling off the plastic from the self-adhesive backing on the strip and waterproof push-button switch, sticking them in place under the top lip of the toolbox, and wiring in a ground and hot lead. That’s it.

One light strip will light a side box and a pair will evenly illuminate a standard toolbox.

However, liking our lights, we went ahead and installed a pair in each toolbox so the eventual Super Crew Sweepstakes winner will never be lacking in that department.