Whelen Vertex LED strobe install

Whelen Vertex side-mount strobe install

Side visibility is critical to some aspects of job site safety, be it parked at an intersection of pulling across traffic while towing a trailer. Great strobes are lifesavers.

Only 7/8″ in height, the Vertex Series Super-LED  hemispheric LED lighthead(#VTX609) from Whelen Engineering is perfect for most contractor’s  vehicle applications where size and intensity are critically important.

The self-contained strobe unit uses an in-line combination lamp driver/flasher so there’s no need to wire into a remote-mounted control unit.

Just wire in a ground and a hot lead to a switch and you’re ready to go. A third lead synches two or more lightheads, and the fourth wire changes the pattern.

This new self-contained Whelen Vertex LED Hide-A-Way strobe unit requires only a one inch hole to mount.

So it can be inserted in any composite headlight, cornering light or taillight assembly to deliver  wide-angle warning to the front, side and rear of your vehicle…without electrical interference to any other devices.

Vertex LED strobe is blindingly bright -- just what you want on side visibility.

The dome-shaped LED strobe is less than 1-inch tall, too, so it can  be surface-mounted to outside surfaces anywhere on the vehicle.

This is especially useful on full-size pickups working in or around busy intersections.

That’s what we did on our 2011 F-250 Crew Cab 4×4, Project Super Crew, mounting the high-intensity Vertex LED strobes on the fenders just rear of the headlight assembly.

So if you want to maximize your truck’s visibility and crew safety, these new dome-shaped Whelen lightheads are tough to beat used alone or in conjunction with other Whelen strobes such as the new Ion-Series Super LEDs.