Shop Tip: Carpet toolbox bottoms

Shop Tip: Use Bedrug carpet to line toolbox bottoms

If you want a good method to keep tools and gear from sliding around in your pickup’s tool box, cut a piece of Bedrug carpet to use as the bottom liner.

Bedrug sells the carpet in bulk and it’s easy to trim to size. One 6×8-foot piece will line the bottoms of three cross-bed boxes and a couple side boxes.

That’s what we did on both Project Super Crew (F-250) and Project Bedrock (GMC).

The polypropylene “carpet” and closed-cell foam backing material is non-absorbant.

It’s also impervious to all types of liquids from petroleum products to battery acid. So if something spills in the toolbox the carpet can be easily cleaned with a hose and soap. — The Editors