Hi-Lift mounting tip

Shop Tip: Mounting Hi-Lift jack under bedside tool box for easy access

Finding a location to mount a Hi-lIft Jack in a pickup isn’t always that easy–especially on new trucks where there’s little or no room behind the seats. You want the jack to be readily accessible, yet out of the way.

We faced that dilemma with the Project Super Crew: There’s no place to put the Hi-Lift First Responder jack in the cab, it’s be too difficult to get at quickly if dropped in the cross-bed tool box, and we didn’t want it rattling around loose in the bed.

We put it in a corner open space between the refuel tank and the toolbox, but didn’t like that spot, either.

Todd Kirkland at Truck Supply & Outfitters came up with a simple, yet elegant solution: mount it under one of the UWS side tool boxes.

That way you drop the tialgate and the jack is right there. Just grab the base and slide it out. Problem solved.

TSO took one of the Ford front tow loops that we’d pulled off during the heavy-duty winch-bumper upgrade and repurposed it.

Re-purposed Ford front tow hook makes great mounting bracket for HI-Lift's First Responder jack in bed of Project Super Crew.

Now the old tow hook is bolted loop-down to the front of the passenger’s-side bedside tool box.

The jack’s post and handle slide intothe loop and the base rests tight against the tailgate.

The First Repsponder’s rubber anti-rattle sleeve, which holds the jack’s hande and rail together, automatically keeps tension so the jack is tight in the tow hook loop.

The mount looks “industrial,” works very effectively and didn’t cost a penny.