Stryker HID spotlight

GoLight, go long

Nothing beats having an HID sun at your fingertips – except having a pair of them!

by Bruce W. Smith

Spotlights aren’t used a lot in the working world compared to headlights and auxiliary driving/flood lights.

But when a contractor, utility company worker or employee of a municipality needs to light up the world beyond the reach or direction of conventional lights, H.I.D. spotlights are worth their weight in white gold.

An added bonus is when that spotlight can be operated remotely from beyond the pickup cab.

GoLight has been delivering just such a product for a couple years: the Stryker HID with wireless hand-held remote control.

In a nutshell, the HID Stryker is a weatherproof, 12-volt spotlight with a beam that reaches out nearly a mile, provides 370° rotation and 135° tilt, and incorporates a two-speed high-torque so it can be tilted/rotated slow or fast.

We installed a pair of the Stryker 30511 models on the roof of our 2011 F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab so we’d have maximum coverage and be able to light up multiple objects at the same time.

Truck Supply & Outfitter’s Daniel Parker handled the simple, permanent-mount installation. (The photos in the gallery below show the steps.)

Now all we have to do when there’s a need to bring out the sun on a jobsite is to grab one (or both) of the hand-held remotes we keep in the overhead console and push a button.

Then if we need to be outside of Project Super Crew, we still have complete control of each Stryker. – Bruce W. Smith