F-250 fender flares

A flare for work

Our Project Super Crew F-250 gets its body widened with the installation of Bushwacker’s Pocket-Style fender flares

by Bruce W. Smith

Stones, sand, snow, sticks and other assorted road/trail debris love to do a number on the bodies of our work pickups. That abuse is accentuated the moment we swap-out stock tires for wider and/or more aggressive treads.

Factory fenders work perfectly fine protecting bodywork right up until the point you make a tire or wheel upgrade that moves the tread outward an inch or more like we’ve done on our 2011 F-250 Super Duty project truck.

We quickly realized adding a lift kit and bumping up the tires to foot-wide 35s is the perfect formula to spray the sides of the body from the rear of the front fenderwells to the taillights with all sorts of highway and off-road matter.

So we called on our partners at Buswhacker for a quick, practical solution.

Bushwacker sent a set of their Pocket-Style flares, which are easy to install and provide body protection with a rugged look in one easy install.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s Truck Supply & Outfitter’s handled the upfit, and it took David Adair less than an hour to make the change.

(TSO sprayed the flares with All-Pro Lining spray-on medium to match Project Super Crew’s rocker protection and custom front bumper.)

The photos in the gallery below shows how easy it is to give any pickup a “flare” for work. – Bruce W. Smith