Wiring auxiliary lights

Wiring auxiliary lights

Installing driving and fog lights is easy right up to the point you have to think about the wiring. Then the brain freezes and beads of cold sweat start forming on your forehead.

If you are like most pickup owners, you’d rather tackle installing a gooseneck hitch instead of a pair of auxiliary lights.

The good news is many of today’s better lighting kits come with pre-wired harnesses to make the job a lot easier.

These kits have the relay in place along with the switch and pigtails with plugs so it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to install correctly. (See the PIAA diagram below, top left.)

But if the lights you are installing are sans the harness, never fear — we put a few diagrams below that should keep you on the right track to a reliable installation. We recommend you always use a relay in the circuit to prevent overloading the wiring. (Don’t forget to adjust the lights after installation.)– The Editors