Iron Cross nerf-step install

Iron Cross HD Step install

Protecting the lower rockers from damage while providing a solid step into the cab is one commonality among contractors and business owners who use their pickups day in and day out in less than pristine conditions.

Whether you are a professional landscaper moving from one location to another every day, or the road builder who spends months at the same job location, having functional, well designed steps are a welcome addition to any working pickup.

We found a set of steps from Iron Cross Automotive that are both functional and stylish.

The new offering is simply called the HD Step and they are made in the U.S. These heavy duty steps provide good rocker protection while providing solid footing through the use of steps topped with aluminum anti-slip tread plates.

The textured, glossy black powder-coated HD Steps also fit close to the body, giving the truck a slick custom look.

Daniel Parker at Truck Supply & Outfitters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, installed a set of the HD Steps on Project Bedrock, our 2011 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 4Ă—4. The installation took less than an hour and, as the gallery below shows, the upgrade is an easy one.

Iron Cross’ steps go perfectly with the truck’s black trim theme and work great when the work boots are muddy.