Beat The Heat: High-Tech Window Tint

How To Install Window Tint

Bama Trim owner Greg Bowman installs Llumar CTX window film on an F-250 Crew Cab


by Bruce W. Smith

Tinted windows look cool on a pickup and set it apart from the crowd. But there’re more reasons to have tinted windows than pure aesthetics.

Tinted windows help reduce eye strain, add security, preserve the interior finish, and with certain types of window film, keep the interior of a pickup cab cooler.

Factory window tint looks nice, but provides very little additional benefit.

So when we wanted to upgrade our 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty, we went shopping. But selecting the best window film for use in a pickup used as the office for a landscaper, contractor or construction company owner requires the film be suited for mobile phone and computer connectivity.

Films that have metal used in their makeup aren’t electronic media friendly. That’s why Greg Bowman, owner/installer at Bama Trim in Cottondale, Alabama, suggested we use  a version of window tint film produced under CPFilm’s LLumar brand.

CPFilm’s newest window tint film, LLumar CTX, utilizes Ceramatrix™ Advanced Technology to provide 99-percent UV absorption, cut down glare by 90-percent, and block out 60-percent of the solar heat from the interior – all without without blocking electronic signal transmissions.

Greg suggested we stay within the state’s legal guidelines for tinting using the darker “15” film on the passenger and rear window and the lighter “30” on the front door windows.

The installation (see photo gallery below) took about 90 minutes. But the end results of the window tint upgrade will be enjoyed for the life of the truck. — Bruce W. Smith