BedTred installation

Dropping in a BedTred

Bedrug’s heavy-duty formed bedliner does double-duty week in and week out

Contractors have several options when it comes to protecting the beds of their pickups, which adds to the truck’s functionality during the work life cycle and resale value when it comes time to sell or trade it in.

Drop-in bedliners are the least expensive option and do protect the bed from light dings and scrapes. But they are slippery and have a tendency to trap dirt and moisture underneath, causing more harm than good in some situations. Drop-in bedliners also tend to deform some with age and constant exposure to big changes in the weather.

The bed protection trend today is going with a spray-on bedliner, which bonds directly to the bed surface. They are durable, can be sprayed to color-match the truck and are easy to repair should they get scraped up. Spray-on liners are also fairly expensive, costing upwards of $500.

A new alternative is the BedTred from Bedrug — the innovators of the soft drop-in bedliner. Like the Bedrug, BedTred is impervious to chemicals, solvents and petroleum products.

The custom formed liner, which is made in sections that zip together, is made of 1/4″ exclusive TPO composite bonded to a layer of water proof, closed-cell foam. The textured surface prevents cargo from sliding, while the thick foam and non-woven fiber backing prevents damage and will not scratch your truck bed. It’s also a bed protection that’s easier on the knees and whatever is being hauled in the bed than spray-on or conventional drop-in liners.

Installation doesn’t require any special tools and can be done in less than a half-hour. We had Truck Supply & Outfitters, which sells both Bedrug products, install a BedTred in our 2011 GMC Sierra Crew Cab 4×4, known around the office as Project Bedrock. The photo gallery below shows how easy it is to do.