Aftermarket products voiding warranty

Vehicle warranty and aftermarket add-ons


by Bruce W. Smith, Editor/ProPickup

One of the oft-asked questions by pickup owners is “Does the addition of aftermarket accessories or parts like suspension and exhaust void my truck’s factory warranty?”

In a nutshell: No.

Some 35 years ago a federal law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act was passed to protect the manufacturer’s of “aftermarket” products and the rights of vehicle owners to add whatever they wanted to their vehicle, much to the chagrin of the vehicle manufacturers.

The law is lengthy and covers a multitude of topics. But in esence it says the mere act of adding or changing out parts doesn’t void the factory warranty.

It’s worth reading — and bringing to the attention of any dealer who raises the warranty card.

So keep this in mind as you consider upgrading and accessorizing your pickup.