GM announces new ACDelco National Fleet Parts Program

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Gm Fleet Parts Program

General Motors Customer Care and Aftersales has introduced the new ACDelco National Fleet Parts Program (NFPP), an initiative designed to provide qualified fleet owners with access to resources and tools to simplify their service workflow.

The new program replaces the Fleet Parts Purchase Program, which was discontinued in August 2019.

“Two key components of the NFPP include providing our large and national fleet accounts with access to standardized pricing, available through the ACDelco national distributor network, and consolidated billing, which is offered through the GM Fleet Electronic Consolidated Billing Programs portal,” said Robert Foote, national fleet parts manager for ACDelco. “This portal is an all-in-one place for payment and billing needs, giving our customers quick, easy access to invoices, accounts payable and purchase policies.”

The NFPP enables qualified fleet owners to streamline their vehicle service and parts purchases through tools, reports and insights, which are available online at all times. Fleet owners will receive one monthly electronic statement for all service and parts purchases and will be able to search, review, download and print statements and invoices 24/7 through the web. These features are designed to help reduce downtime and confusion with customer-established invoices and repair or parts purchase authorizations.

Additional NFPP features include the GM Fleet Consolidated Billing Portal, which offers fleet owners on-demand access to invoices, NFPP Sales Transaction Reporting and NFPP Fleet Account Credit Processing (Cores, Warranty, Returns). Fleet owners will also be able to customize monthly statements broken down by region, department, division, operating unit and more.

The program also provides qualified fleet owners with access to the ACDelco CONNECTION online catalog and ordering system, where owners will be able to keep track of in-stock inventory at their ACDelco distributor, find illustrated, electronic parts catalogs and connect with the full support team. Additionally, training available through the my GM Partner Perks program can help improve fleet service with self-study training, web-based training, seminars and other training courses.