Rental truck’s two tire blow-outs in one trip raises safety concerns

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Ever rented a truck that had two tire blow-outs on one trip?

That’s what a former Maine resident says happened to him and his family during a move to Florida.

Greg Callahan told that the first blow-out happened about 800 miles into the trip. The second blow-out occurred about 100 miles later, but this time Callahan had to wait 13 hours on the side of the road until help arrived. Callahan had purchased roadside assistance for the 16-foot Budget truck.

“This experience was so bad,” Callahan said.

Sounds like it. And it only got worse when Budget, according to Callahan, ignored his concerns about the truck following his move to the Sunshine State. A tire service tech who had fixed one of the flats told Callahan that the truck should not have been on the road given the poor condition of the tires.

Not content to let it go, Callahan contacted CBS affiliate WGME which in turn reached out to Budget. The popular vehicle rental company soon offered an apology to Callahan along with a full refund.

“We always strive to provide customers with a positive rental experience; and we take customer feedback seriously,” a Budget spokesperson said. “The tire problem Mr. Callahan described is highly unusual. Safety is a top priority and we are looking into the matter.”

We certainly hope so. Far too many blow-out stories end in tragedy that could have simply been avoided if only common-sense maintenance practices had been followed.