Latest Mack LR refuse truck offers enhanced safety, comfort

Updated May 29, 2018

Mack Trucks recently introduced new features on the Mack LR refuse model to help enhance safety, improve driver productivity and expand spec options for customers.

The new features include a sliding glass window on the passenger side of the vehicle, an exterior stainless-steel sun visor and a Sears Seating C2 PLUS seat cushion. Mack also extended its 315 series tire coverage to include the Hendrickson HAULMAAX suspension.

“Mack continues to design and develop features on the Mack LR model that improve the working environment for the driver, help increase visibility in a refuse vehicle that already has superb visibility and provide customers with additional choices in how their vehicles can be set up,” said Curtis Dorwart, refuse product manager for Mack Trucks. “The addition of these new options sets the bar for a best-in-class refuse vehicle that meets the needs of customers and drivers alike.”

The new sliding glass window is designed to greatly improve cab ventilation and access to the mirror during right-hand stand-up or sit down operation. The window will be standard and available for order in Q2 2018.

The exterior stainless steel sun visor reduces glare and better deflects heat, improving driver comfort and safety. The stainless steel sun visor is now available for order.

The C2 PLUS seat cushion, available with Sears air suspension seats, provides even more comfort on the job. Mack’s new multi-position seat developed exclusively for the Mack LR by Sears Seating offers multiple-positions for right-hand operation, allowing greater adjustability and comfort, whether seated or standing. The seat back and seat base both are adjustable, allowing drivers to more comfortably operate the truck and joystick controls. The C2 PLUS seat cushion and multi position seat will be standard and available for order in Q2 2018.

The ability to now spec Mack GraniteTerraPro and LR models with 315 series tires in all wheel positions offers a simplified ordering process , while also enabling customers to more efficiently manage their tire programs. Expanded coverage of 315 series tires will be available for order in Q2 2018.

“Designed specifically to meet the challenges of refuse customers who require enhanced maneuverability, increased productivity and improved visibility, the Mack LR model is offered in a 6×4 and 4×2 configuration,” Mack states in a press release.

“The LR is an excellent choice for customers in tight urban or open suburban applications. Several configurations are available, including left-hand drive, right-hand drive, dual-drive and left-hand drive with right-hand stand-up/sit down drive.”

Mack’s 11-liter MP7 diesel engine is standard in the LR model, delivering up to 355 horsepower and 1,260 lb.-ft. of torque. The LR is equipped with an Allison RDS five-speed or six-speed automatic transmission.