Retired firefighter shoots AT&T trucks

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A retired firefighter in Hialeah, Florida was caught on video shooting two AT&T service trucks after employees refused to remove the trucks immediately off his property.

No injuries were reported after 64-year-old Jorge Jove repeatedly shot the trucks’ tires and a grille.

An AT&T employee used his cell phone to video Jove while talking to police.

“There’s a guy shooting out my tires. There’s a guy shooting out my tires,” the man can be heard telling police.

After Jove fires his first shot into a tire, the gun appears to jam. A few moments later, Jove begins calmly walking again and shooting the tires.

He’s last seen in the video shooting repeatedly at the front grille of a Ford bucket truck while an employee is still raised up in the bucket.

“Somebody’s up in the bucket and he can’t come down right now because he’s shooting the truck,” the AT&T employee is heard telling police.

Sirens are heard in the video as Jove continues to squeeze off shots into the grille.

The AT&T servicemen had been working on phone lines Wednesday morning when Jove approached them and asked them to move the trucks, according to Hialeah Police.

When they refused and told Jove he’d have to wait until they were done making repairs, he went back inside his home and came back with a gun.

A neighbor who was shocked about the shooting told that Jove is “an impeccable man” who has had trouble with AT&T in the past.

“They had a discussion because he didn’t want them in front of the driveway,” Luisa Morales said. “It has happened before, and they had to repair it, and he asked them to remove the truck out of the driveway.”

Police arrested Jove and charged him with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.