National Truck Protection offers fast-response inspection process

National-Truck-Protection-inspection-processNational Truck Protection announced the launch of Express, its new fast-response inspection process.

NTP reports that the new Express process reduces inspection review and approval time to industry record-setting times.

The elapsed time between when the inspection data is sent to NTP and the time a response is provided is reduced to within 15 minutes. During this time the NTP inspection analyst will review all of the required inspection data, make a qualification determination and respond back.

“We are excited about this new service because it will reduce inspection cycle times and provide unprecedented service to our customers,” said Robert Amico, president and CEO of National Truck Protection.

The inspection process provides an agreement among all parties as to the condition of the vehicle at the time of sale. With a valid inspection, disputes regarding pre-existing conditions are significantly reduced and nearly eliminated. This is extremely valuable in evaluating and administering warranty claims. NTP has been highly successful with its inspection services for more than three decades.

“The creation of our new Express inspection process is another example of how NTP continually works to refine and optimize critical business processes to ultimately provide better service to our customers,” states Amico. “We are confident that improvements resulting from Express will be immediately recognized.”