Military roots: Mack to help build 6×6

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Updated Jun 4, 2016

Mention Mack and most people think of their iconic bulldog and plenty of trucks.

However, Mack has had a long storied history of producing vehicles, mostly trucks, for military use. In fact, the British were so impressed with the trucks’ tenacity during World War I that they nicknamed them after their country’s beloved mascot, the English bulldog. Playing off its popularity, Mack adopted the Bulldog as its company icon in 1922.

This week, Mack Defense announced that it will be teaming up with JWF Defense Systems to build a versatile Lakota 6×6.

The Mack Defense Lakota 6×6 vehicle system, which features a U.S.-built engine and transmission, is capable of a maximum on-road speed of 62 mph with a range of up to 1,400 miles.

Available in five configurations, the Lakota 6×6 can transport up to 12 personnel. The vehicle is serviceable across the Volvo Group support network, which features locations around the world.

Mack Defense Lakota 6x6