Tips on servicing disc wheel hubs

Updated Oct 15, 2015

The Webb Wheel OEM Business Unit has launched a quarterly newsletter to offer technical advice to those specifying, operating or servicing wheel end equipment on medium- and heavy-duty trucks and trailers. This quarter’s newsletter is geared at disc wheel hub preventive maintenance.

Webb Wheel says it recommends a preventative maintenance program for disc wheel hubs be established to periodically check for wear, damage, proper nut torque, wheel alignment, cracks and leaks.

For hubs using pilot mounted disc wheels, Webb Wheel says the program should include:

  • Visual checks for loose flange nuts, cracks, and leaks between each usage and at least daily. If such conditions exist, repairs should be made immediately. Failure to do so may result in a loose wheel, resulting in an accident
  • Flange nut torque checks
    • After the first 50-100 miles of operation for new installations and re-installations.
    • Whenever the bearings are serviced (covered under re-installations).
    • Every 10,000 miles or at the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance, whichever comes first. Individual fleet experience may dictate shorter intervals or allow longer intervals.

Check the flange nut torque by tightening the nut to full torque. More information on this step, and more general information from Webb Wheel, can be found within the newsletter HERE.