Journey management

A lot of variables go into creating safe routes, especially during the final mile. Truck navigation apps can be set up to give drivers very specific, location-based instructions as they cross a virtual boundary called a geofence. When a truck approaches a loading or unloading site, for example, the apps can read off a set of instructions to drivers. They can also give drivers warnings when they approach a dangerous turn or enter a high theft area, among other possibilities.

MiX Telematics, one of the largest telematics companies worldwide, offers a navigation app from Sygic on a 7-inch Android tablet. MiX Telematics has a large presence in the oil and gas industry where strict adherence to routes is critical, says Pete Allen, executive vice president of sales. The company will be adding a journey management tool that integrates route compliance tools with the Sygic navigation app.

Going forward, another possibility is to include predictive modeling in navigation. Omnitracs Analytics, a division of Omnitracs, has advanced predictive models that identify at-risk drivers for fatigue and accidents. The company is working on an intelligent routing and navigation product that will give real-time recommendations to improve safety, including where and when drivers should obtain rest based on the characteristics of their route, their work and sleep schedules and more, says Dean Croke, vice president of Omnitracs Analytics.