Updated Dec 26, 2013

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Mobil Delvac 



For more than 80 years, Mobil Delvac has been helping construction contractors, agriculture professionals and landscapers to maximize the performance and durability of their trucks and heavy-duty equipment.

That’s why Mobil Delvac lubricants will be used in ProPickup’s 2013 Ram 2500HD Crew Cab 4Ă—4, Surveyor 1.

Whether on the road or on a job site, you can benefit from the proven performance of Mobil Delvac oils and greases. Watch how Mobil Delvac is helping these contractors succeed in their business.

Contractors use Mobil Delvac 1300 Super

Class A builder Paul Moeller has trusted Mobil Delvac Super 1300 in his trucks and loaders for the past 20 years. Stepson Quentin Hastings took his advice and also uses Mobil Delvac for his landscaping business.  Hear how their equipment stands up to the stress.

Mobil Delvac 1300 Super will be used in Surveyor 1 when it gets its first oil/filter change.

“My dad began using Mobil Delvac when he started his company 34 years ago, and I’ve continued in his footsteps.

“This business is hard on equipment, and we put a lot of miles on our trucks. I carefully research every product decision and continue to rely on the superior quality of Mobil Delvac. We can’t afford downtime, and since we do our own maintenance we chose the highest quality oil.”
– Carl Mazzo of Mazzo Excavating, Clarksburg, W. Va.

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