WORK TRUCK WHOOPS: Football team puts bus on IR

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You rarely hear of a football game being cancelled. They play through rain, snow and all kinds of natural nastiness.

However, a contest between Concordia College–Selma (Ala.) and Miles College (Ala.) set for Sept. 21 was cancelled for one of the most unusual reasons I’ve ever heard: a bus fire.

Not just any bus fire. It was a bus inferno. After a tire blowout, the bus became fully engulfed in flames. 

[youtube SKol7m-oJ8w nolink]

Obviously, all of Concordia’s football equipment was destroyed and, short of playing two-hand touch, there was no possible way to play the game. 

There were no injuries to the football team or coaches.

Curious about the after pics? Check this out

Local new outlets report that Concordia-Selma expects to play its next game – Thursday – with equipment borrowed from local high schools.