STEMCO releasing one of its 'most revolutionary products' yet

STEMCO's new Auto-Torq axle fastener
STEMCO's new Auto-Torq axle fastener

STEMCO recently announced the launch of their new Auto-Torq axle fastener.

Auto-Torq is designed to streamline wheel end installation by eliminating the need for complex processes and specialty tools. With no need for washers, clips, snap rings, screws, or keepers, Auto-Torq makes installation simple and efficient. Plus, by applying the optimum clamp load on the bearings every time, bearing wear is minimized, resulting in the longest bearing service life.

Auto-Torq offers an all-in-one solution that is compatible with any industry hub manufacturer and is designed to reduce potential causes of installation failure. Also, when combined with STEMCO’s industry-leading seals, bearings, and hubcaps, customers can benefit from extended warranties on their wheel ends.

“We're proud to announce the launch of Auto-Torq, a product that reflects our deep commitment to ‘Making the Roadways Safer,’” said Chip Stuhr, vice president and general manager of STEMCO. “This is one of the most revolutionary products in our long history of innovation, and we are excited for the impact it will have on the industry.”