Autocar's first electric truck goes to work

Updated Sep 30, 2022
Autocar E-ACTT all-electric terminal tractor Old Dominion
The first Autocar E-ACTT all-electric terminal tractor, shown above, has been delivered to its new home at Old Dominion in Rialto, Calif.

Autocar announced the delivery of its first battery-electric terminal tractor, the E-ACTT, to its customer Old Dominion Freight Line, one of the largest North American less-than-truckload (LTL)  motor carriers.

Autocar delivered the electric terminal tractor to Old Dominion Freight Line’s facility in Rialto, California for driver orientation before the international freight line deploys the truck into the field.    Autocar announced the purpose-built E-ACTT in 2021 to help fleets meet regulatory mandates in the vocational truck industry, including the transition from diesel to zero-emission electric terminal tractors. Old Dominion Freight Line is the first customer to receive Autocar’s all-electric terminal tractor.

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Old Dominion Freight Line provides LTL transportation services with over 250 service centers throughout the United States. The freight line’s fleet includes more than 52,000 tractors and trailers for cargo transportation. In the case of E-ACTT, Autocar representatives will provide onsite orientation in California to help Old Dominion Freight Line operators understand and adjust to the electric terminal tractor’s features.   “We are excited to deliver our first production unit of the E-ACTT and begin operator orientation with Old Dominion Freight Line team members on Autocar’s first electric truck,” said Mark Aubry, president, terminal tractor division at Autocar. “Our engineers and technicians have designed and built a terminal tractor that offers the same reliability and durability as its diesel counterpart without a carbon footprint. We are excited to see it in use. We hope this delivery is the first of many to the company.”    In addition to E-ACTT’s environmental benefits, it’s anticipated that these yard trucks will also have lower maintenance costs and significant fuel savings.

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E-ACTT is equipped with a 210-kWh modular battery pack that can last up to 22 hours on a single, full charge. E-ACTT uses the industry standard CCS-1 compliant DC fast charging with charging up to 150 kW. To help sustain long lasting battery life, Autocar utilizes liquid cooled/heated batteries.

“Old Dominion is looking into the future of electrification in our fleet and understanding the benefits of a battery-powered switcher,” said Jim Raynor, vice president of equipment and maintenance for Old Dominion Freight Line. “We’re excited to test the performance of the E-ACTT in our daily LTL operations at our Rialto, California service center. We appreciate Autocar’s partnership, and we’re honored to take delivery of their first E-ACTT.”

E-ACTT offers an advanced monitoring and telematics system that can communicate maintenance and repair needs to the fleet to help improve efficiency and uptime.

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