Tesla Semi reservations start at $20K

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Updated May 19, 2022
Tesla Semi Ruan

After making its debut in 2017, the Tesla Semi is expected to finally roll out to customers in 2023. In the meantime, customers can place a reservation for the truck which can cost more on a per unit basis depending on the order. 

Tesla’s website lists that a single reservation requires an initial $5,000 credit card payment followed by a $15,000 wire transfer “plus a $20,000 wire transfer for each additional Semi.” Reservations will not be complete until wire transfers are made. Reservation options for the Founders Series Semi, priced originally at the full value of the truck at $200,000, were not listed on the site. 

The all-electric Semi which has four independent motors on four wheels is reported to have a zero to 60mph time of 20 seconds while fully loaded at 80,000 lbs. and will be available with a 300 or 500 mile range.

The 300-mile Semi is expected to sticker at $150,000 while the 500-mile version is expected to come in higher at $180,000.

By powering up with electricity instead of conventional fuels, fleets will see a fuel savings upwards of $200,000 and payback in two years.

 Tesla Semi Reservation