Ram takes swipe at Ford with new electric truck ad

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Ram rendered image of their all-electric 1500 BEV
Ram rendered image of their all-electric 1500 BEV

Ram took a swipe at Ford's electric F-150 Lightning this week with a social media ad promoting their all-electric 1500 BEV pickup.

The memorable line "Time to steal some thunder" titles the Tweet which features a 15-second video showing a shadowy glimpse at the front of the truck which is due to roll out this fall. 

Truck showdown videos are bound to follow but one can only imagine what a bumper-to-bumper truck pull will look like with electric pickups that offer instant monstrous torque. Millions of views to follow. 

Ram also has plans to launch an all-electric ProMaster in 2023 and a 1500 electric with a range-extending engine in 2024. Scroll down to see a snapshot of the tweet and click on the link directly below to watch the industry's latest truck rivalry ad. 

Time to steal some thunder. 😎
Unleashing Fall 2022. https://t.co/epaaYdKHj9 pic.twitter.com/m4wB9AjYBp

— Ram Trucks (@RamTrucks) April 25, 2022

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