Atlis reveals 500-mile electric work truck

The ATLIS XT work truck offers up to 500 miles of range and a fast 15-minute charge time.
The ATLIS XT work truck offers up to 500 miles of range and a fast 15-minute charge time.

Atlis Motor Vehicles revealed its XT electric work truck this week which the startup says offers up to 500 miles of range and can be recharged in under 15 minutes.

The XT pickup, built on the company’s XP platform, can ditch the bed and be upfitted to take on various roles including a service body or flatbed.

“We are out to change the work truck market. The goal is to create an electric pickup with the performance characteristics of a ¾-ton diesel that can quickly be recharged,” said Mark Hanchett, Atlis founder and CEO.  “We’ve focused on the design features our target market cares most about - maximizing functionality, storage, capability, and passenger comfort to create the best possible ownership experience.” 

Biggest frunk in the business
The frunk on the Atlis XT provides an industry best of 18 cubic feet of storage.The frunk on the Atlis XT provides an industry best of 18 cubic feet of storage.ATLISThe XT does not require a large engine bay which allows for a downward sloping hood to improve aerodynamics and visibility. It also provides the EV industry’s largest front trunk, or frunk, which offers 18.5 cubic feet of space and features a spray-on bedliner. It is also equipped with 2 x 110V/30A outlets, a 240V/50-amp outlet, access to compressed air and USB-C charging ports. 

Lighting and mirrors
The XT includes an active headlight management system to improve safety and visibility. Each headlight is comprised of four DRLs which double as a turn signal and can flash in a variety of colors for different applications. A projector bulb provides more illumination depending upon fleet needs.

The taillights are also adjustable depending on use case. The lighting can be programmed for red or amber for typical taillights and turn signals or flash colors in emergency situations. The same projector bulbs used in the front are also in the rear, providing additional light when working or connecting a trailer. 

Front and rear lightbars have been integrated into the front and rear windshields. The lighting functionality includes color changes and the ability to create text and patterns for enhanced safety.

The XT is equipped with a digital mirror system utilizing cameras as well as retractable mirrors. One camera mounted to each side of the vehicle and two screens on the dashboard provide the driver with increased visibility particularly in dark driving conditions or when visibility is limited.

When the vehicle is turned on, mirrors extend and when the vehicle is off, the mirrors retract to be flush with the body panel.  This provides more clearance around the vehicle. The winged mirrors serve as the turn signal and can fully extend when in tow mode. A heating element is included in the mirror system to alleviate snow and ice and ensure proper function. 

Air suspension allows for self-levelingAir suspension allows for self-levelingAtlisAccessibility
The XT step is integrated in the structure of the platform and extends along both sides of the vehicle, providing easy access to the bed and accessories.

Extra-large door handles are integrated into the door panels with no moving mechanism to ensure durability and ease of use while wearing work gloves.

The XT has a unique air sprung suspension design with dynamic damping capabilities that adjust to the vehicle load. The air suspension system also assists with loading and unloading the truck by lowering it for easy access.

The XT pickup’s bed is available in 6.5 and 8-ft and comes standard with a spray-in bed liner. The bed mounted power outlets host a variety of built-in functionality, including four 120V outlets/30-amp, two USB A ports and two USB C ports to allow customers to plug in all ancillary devices while in the field.  One 240V/50-amp hookup will power tools that require a higher voltage, such as a welder.  A pneumatic hookup powers air tools.

Battery charging
The XT is equipped with a CCS charge port as well as an AAC/1.5-megawatt charge port along the front left side of the vehicle. This enables the vehicle to utilize the existing charging infrastructure and leverage the J1172 port to recharge on a standard 120- or 240-volt outlet and be able to ultra-fast charge using the AAC port in less than 15 minutes.

Xt Rear Center ConsoleAtlisSeating
The XT is available in a three or six passenger configuration. The front and rear seats are identical to ensure comfort for all passengers. This also enabled ATLIS to leverage one component multiple times to drive economies of scale and reduce cost.

All materials from seats to the dash are aesthetically pleasing but stain, scratch, and rip-resistant.

The front and rear center consoles include a locking storage area at the base, three large cupholders, two wireless phone chargers and bucket storage behind the console.  Everything is designed to be accessible while wearing work gloves.

Displays/user interface
Side mirrors on the ATLIS XT are replaced by displays placed around the steering wheel, and an instrument cluster display is attached to the steering column for better viewing angles.

Xt Simplified Dash1A 12.8-inch center touch display completes the user interface roster with all vehicle controls for the driver and passengers, and all the main functions are easy to reach. The interface will have customizable soft keys in the center display and on the steering wheel. The center touch display is based on a three-touch principle enabling the customer to get to any function within three touches.

The production version will include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well as a new concept of cluster and steering wheel control.

“This is the fourth iteration of the XT prototype, and we plan to start production in late 2022,” Hanchett said.  “The team continues to refine the interior and exterior design based on extensive customer and investor feedback. We have the engineering and design expertise, flexibility and vision to create something completely  different to provide customers with an entire ecosystem needed to get their jobs done.”

Xt Bed Power Station Lights 1

Xt Bed Light